Kris and I are flying into Seattle the day after tomorrow, and return home on Friday, February 6th. We already have solid plans on Monday and Tuesday. If we do a party again like last year, would anyone be interested in joining us? I am thinking Spiro's again, 18411 Aroura Ave N in Shoreline at 7pm. We don't want to go up there, though, if we will be all alone.

So, who's up for meeting us for dinner? It could be a fake, belated birthday party. Yay!

Late Edit: Wednesday, February 4th, that would be the night.

From: [identity profile]

It would probably depend on which night you're considering (not clear to me from your post).

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I think we might manage that; let me talk to Skippy.

Our costume group has a meeting there every other month so we're familiar with that location.

From: (Anonymous)

Jen, the kids, & I would love to see you guys and for you to meet Patrick! I will check with her about Wednesday dinner. -MattM


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