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([personal profile] lokheed Jan. 12th, 2009 04:05 pm)
Almost forgot to post this, it's been such a busy day....

Put in another day on the trail this morning.

6.34 miles
0h 47m 21s
Avg. speed 8.0 mph

map and stats

It's actually frustrating me that I can't go farther, because of morning appointments. I was out on the trail by 6:30am this morning, when it was still pre-dawn. I can't start any earlier, it's just too dang dangerous to skate in the dark like that. Right now it is starting to get light around 6:45, so by the time I am past downtown Winter Garden and on the trail proper it is light enough to see ok. Starting any earlier, I would be just begging to fall into a sinkhole in the dark. Unfortunately, I also have an 8am chiropractic appointment three days a week, so I have to keep my skate to well under an hour in order to have enough time to get home, shower, and make it to my appointment. A few more weeks and the combination of my treatment being done plus getting lighter earlier will definitely help. I would like to be back to doing at least ten miles on an outing by February.


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