I have been plugging away at the home office, (pictures here for anyone interested) and am making steady progress.  The ceiling took quite a bit of work because of its heavy texturing.  After two thick coats with a deep knap roller, it still had little speckles of white showing through.  I spent my entire lunch break today just walking around with a brush filling in white spots.

With the ceiling more or less done, I moved on to the primer coat on the walls.  I have to do a second primer coat tomorrow, and then go back and do one last touch up on the ceiling.  Then I can tape off the ceiling edges and finally start with the color.  Right now the room looks very depressing;  gray ceiling, mottled gray walls, and a gray bare concrete floor.  It feels like a prison cell.  I expect tomorrow or the next day will be the turning point when the burgandy starts going up.


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