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2006-01-29 10:01 pm
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Completely Floored

Well, I did it.  As of about two hours ago I laid in the final plank for the flooring in the new office.  The black trim is done, the electrical is done, the ceiling fan and light are installed.  The only things I have left for this phase is to installt the transition piece for the doorway, and to paint and reinstall the two A/C grills on the wall.

Some advice, should you ever decide to install a floating floor yourself: assuming it's a standard closed room with a single doorway, *start* with the run that has the doorway.  It will be substantially easier to make the odd cuts to fit the threshold if it's the first run.  I did it exactly backwards, and that last piece took me about an hour to cut and wedge into place.  Also, as you are laying the planks keep an eye on the wall you started on.  With all of the pounding with the mallet and tapping block, it is easy to knock things off kilter.  I failed to watch for that, and by the time that I noticed my starting corner had drifted away from the wall it was too late to slide things back into place without ripping out half of the floor. No fun.  On the upside, the corner that got left with a large gap also happens to be the corner that will house a built in bookcase that wraps around the corner, so it will be easily concealed.  The gap gets smaller along that wall as you move away from the corner, so the rest should still be able to be covered by trim work.

Other than that, installing a floating floor is surprisingly easy.  The bulk of the floor went very quckly, it was just the last run of planks that had to be ripped for width that took extra time.  All total I started laying down the padding mid-morning, and finished the job late evening.  That's about nine hours of work for a twelve by fourteen room, not including any trim work.  In my case I can't do the baseboards until after I built the bookcases and desks, so the base of the walls will look ragged for the next several months.

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2006-01-25 10:28 pm
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I've got red on me

Today was a major step forward in the home office.  The first color coat went up, and what a huge difference it makes.  In about an hour the room was transformed from looking like a turkish prison cell to actually starting to look like a real room.  Tomorrow I will go back for the second and final coat, after which I can swap out all of the outlets and switches and also install the new ceiling fan and light.

(pictures available here)

Also this evening I bought the new flooring, which should be ready for pickup tomorrow.  The timing should be about right, since the flooring has to acclimate to the room for at least 24 hours before it can be put down.  I still have the trim painting to do after the second color coat, so by the weekend I should be ready to start laying down planks.


Oh, and one other thing:  Happy Birthday, [livejournal.com profile] damashita!  I hope you had a wonderful day.
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2006-01-23 11:04 pm
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Work Travels Apace

I have been plugging away at the home office, (pictures here for anyone interested) and am making steady progress.  The ceiling took quite a bit of work because of its heavy texturing.  After two thick coats with a deep knap roller, it still had little speckles of white showing through.  I spent my entire lunch break today just walking around with a brush filling in white spots.

With the ceiling more or less done, I moved on to the primer coat on the walls.  I have to do a second primer coat tomorrow, and then go back and do one last touch up on the ceiling.  Then I can tape off the ceiling edges and finally start with the color.  Right now the room looks very depressing;  gray ceiling, mottled gray walls, and a gray bare concrete floor.  It feels like a prison cell.  I expect tomorrow or the next day will be the turning point when the burgandy starts going up.
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2006-01-20 12:57 pm
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The Home Office Project:  Zero Point

Well, we have settled into the house.  Yeah, there are still things left to unpack and still other projects to complete, but by and large we are moved in and fully functional.  For the next few weeks I have set up the office in the guest bedroom, but I am on a deadline:  [livejournal.com profile] retcon comes for a visit on February 10th and I will be out of town working in Fort Worth for the week preceding that visit.  This leaves me with sixteen days in which to get the home office functional, and get the guest bedroom set up properly.

The full home office project is a long term plan that will take me several months (more likely a year) to fully complete.  It involves paint, flooring, trim, built in bookcases, and built in desktops.  The game plan is to complete the paint and flooring right away, which will then allow me to move all of the office equipment into the room.  The rest can be done a bit at a time.  So that means I need to knock out the painting and install the laminate floating floor in the next two weeks.  I intend to document the entire project from start to finish.  Here, then, are pictures of the room at zero point before I start pulling the trim and pulling up the carpet.

The Home Office Project - Photo Gallery