Spent last night mostly sick.  I'll spare you the details, but I didn't really get to sleep until around 3:30 am.  I tried to work today, got some work done in the morning, but by lunchtime I just couldn't concentrate anymore.  I wound up emailing in sick and taking the afternoon off.  I spent a solid hour just soaking in a hot bath with my ears under the water and a washcloth covering my eyes.  I didn't even hear Kris come home from work.  I felt progressively better as the afternoon wore on, which was nice.  I don't know if it was stress, or a very mild flu, or what it was.  I'm just glad it's mostly gone now.

In the evening we went to check out the Ice! exhibit at Gaylord Palms.  It was pretty dang cool, an exhibit of ice sculptures kept at nine degrees.  The ice slide was pretty sweet.

After that, we went over to Downtown Disney and caught the evening showing of King Kong.  I loved it.  Lots of nice references slipped in, both to the original and the 70's remake, but my favorite was the empty "rat monkey of Sumatra" cage in the ship's cargo hold.  That and the part where Kong went past St. Patrick's Cathedral and I thought, "hey, that's right where we stayed for our honeymoon!"

Oh, and we're buying a house the day after tomorrow.  Did I mention that?  I can't remember if I've mentioned that before....
I don't know if I have mentioned it here before, but we are buying a house on Friday.  You know how it is, trying to find that perfect Christmas gift.

So the final insurance paperwork got processed this morning and we are good to go.  We close at noon on Friday, but the one piece of information we are missing is *where* exactly the closing is happening.  I've called our realtor something like six times in the past two days and have not yet heard back from her, which is just a wee bit frustrating.  I don't know what's going on, but given that she is going to be making at least ten grand off of the transaction, you 'd think she would return a phone call.  I'm just sayin'.

Yesterday Kris drove home from work.  By "drove home" I mean that after work she drove to the new house.  (Embarrassing full disclosure:  when she got home and told me she had driven home from work, my first response was something along the lines of, "well I didn't figure you'd walked home..."  So yeah, I'm a goober.)  Anyway, the driving time for her to get home was about thirty minutes.  That's compared to the hour and ten minutes in regularly takes her to get home currently.  The morning and evening commutes tend to be very different, but it looks like on average she will get back an hour of her life every day just because of the move.  So that's pretty dang cool.

Work-wise things continue to crank along.  I finished up my web service work today, and also fixed some new issues that had come up with the conference system.  Tomorrow I get to tackle another facet of the air project.  Fun, fun.  And I mean that sincerely, not sarcastically.  Which is pretty cool.

Did I mention how much I love my wife?  She made fudge tonight.  Well, she cooked dinner too, and it was good, but she also made fudge.  Fudge is good.
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( Nov. 19th, 2005 12:33 am)
Kris and I went out to see Nickel Creek at the Hard Rock Live tonight. The concert was fantastic, just a great show all around.  Chris Thile is amazing to watch playing the mandolin, Sean Watkins surely ain't no slouch on the guitar, and Sara Watkins is both an excellent violinist and a powerful singer.  Plus she can play the ukelele, so that's pretty groovy.  The funniest part of the concert was when they did a cover of Britney Spears' "Toxic".  Now let me be perfectly clear:  the funniest part is not that they did that cover (although that in and of itself is pretty damn funny).  No, the funniest part is that Kris had to lean over and tell me that it was a Britney Spears song, because I had no idea why everyone else in the audience was laughing so hard...
Given everything that happened this afternoon and evening, I guess it's not surprising that I am so keyed up I can't sleep.

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( Nov. 14th, 2005 11:21 am)
So Kris and I want to buy a house.  We have the credit scores and income to ensure that qualifying for a home loan is not a problem.  So yesterday afternoon we took a drive.  I had done a search of properties in the $150-200k range and found a handful to drive by.  The area was much closer to Kris' work, and still reasonably close to my anchor points, so on paper it was a solid place to look.  Over the course of an hour I discovered just what $200k can buy you around here (crappy houses in skanky neighborhoods), and we began discussing the need to raise our price target if at all possible.

On the way back through Winter Garden I spotted an open house sign, and I figured we may as well take a look.  The neighborhood was perfect.  The construction was about three years old, and all of the plots were built out so there was no more ongoing construction.  The street was a closed loop for local traffic only, and very family friendly.  The house was across the street from a playground.  The backyard of the house was completely fenced in, with a smooth surfaced fencing material that would be impossible for Ben to climb.  Four bedrooms, two full baths, one half bath, two car garage, office downstairs, great separation of space.  In a word, perfect.  The asking price?  $300k

I have no doubt we can qualify for that mortgage.  I am a little nervous about being able to *afford* that mortgage.  If we do something like a 3/1 Interest Only ARM we can make that nut, but that obviously carries some risks.  In a town (Winter Garden) that is expected to double in population in the next five years, there is very little risk that the house will lose any value.  But that's always a possibility.  Also, interest rates could skyrocket in the next three years, making refinancing a problem.  But on the whole, I think we can make the numbers work and keep the risk at an acceptable level.

The problem is that we have not even begun the process of prequalifying for a loan yet.  I spoke to the realtor a little while ago, and she seems to think we can make it happen before someone else comes along and makes an offer.

This is bad.  This is very bad.  We found the perfect house, and at this stage of the game it is more likely than not that we will wind up watching someone else buy it.  I am supposed to be a cold, analytical and unemotional guy.  It shouldn't be any problem for me to take my shot, and then move along to the next house if this one doesn't work out.  So why is my stomach in knots?



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