4/19/09: 9

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4/4/09: 12

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Wow, more than a month since the last visit. He was very happy the entire time in the park. He kept exclaiming, "Happy happy joy joy!"
The PaleDNN Weather Module was posted to Snowcovered.com for less than six hours before we got a brilliant feature request from someone who saw the listing. He has a page that shows all kinds of info about any given city, and asked if he could pass in a location dynamically in the page QueryString and have the weather module pick that up and display the weather for that location. This is a feature that never occurred to me, and yet is so obvious it simply brilliant. I sat down and coded up the new feature for the next release, and should have it live in the next day or two.

I have to say, it is really nice to get that kind of rapid feedback. There are a lot of cool things about this module, but that new feature could be what puts it over the top. Yay, random strangers on the internet!
Short version:

Yay! My first professional DotNetNuke module has been released for sale!

(For any co-workers reading this, let me stress that this was developed entirely on my own time in the evenings and on the weekend)

Long version:
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2/21/09: 10

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Ben is fifteen years old, and has never had a friend. He has had classmates whom he could name, he had two girls in his class last year who doted on him, but he never reciprocated. So you can imagine my astonishment and joy when I discovered tonight at a school meeting that Ben actually has a best friend.

He recently started talking about "Anthony" constantly, but we had no idea who Anthony was. There was a parent's meeting at the school tonight, and I took the opportunity to ask Ben's teacher who Anthony was. She informed me that he is one of Ben's classmates, and that the two are very close. As a matter of fact, whenever Ben is reprimanded in class (he has been having some behavior issues in class lately), Anthony always stands up for Ben and comes to his defense.

I met Anthony's mother tonight, and when I told her I was Ben's dad she got very excited. Apparently Anthony keeps talking about Ben as well. She says that they have a class picture at their house, and Ben's face is worn off of it because Anthony keeps pointing to it and saying "Ben!". When I asked her if Anthony liked the Magic Kingdom, she said that he loves going there and that Winnie the Pooh is his favorite ride. I told her that Ben and I go almost every weekend, and she was very interested in meeting us there so that Anthony and Ben could hang out together and go on the rides.

I am just pleased beyond words. The thought that Ben has an actual friend, a peer with whom he actually engages in a real and social manner, is just astonishing. I am so happy for him!
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( Jan. 31st, 2009 10:55 am)
Wednesday, February 4th is a definite. Spiro's Pizza in Shoreline, 7pm, be there.

Treeby, send me an email, we'll see if we can find a different time to catch up with you.
Kris and I are flying into Seattle the day after tomorrow, and return home on Friday, February 6th. We already have solid plans on Monday and Tuesday. If we do a party again like last year, would anyone be interested in joining us? I am thinking Spiro's again, 18411 Aroura Ave N in Shoreline at 7pm. We don't want to go up there, though, if we will be all alone.

So, who's up for meeting us for dinner? It could be a fake, belated birthday party. Yay!

Late Edit: Wednesday, February 4th, that would be the night.
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( Jan. 28th, 2009 08:40 am)
10.1 miles
1h 15m 41s
Avg speed 8mph

Map and stats

I didn't go skating at all last week, mostly because it was so cold (actually below freezing a couple of nights). Now things have warmed up a bit, and finally today I had the luxury to do a full ten mile skate without worrying about time. It felt very, very good.
1/24/09: 12

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This morning I received an email, forwarded to my by my mother. It was written by my sister, who has two middle-school aged children who also happen to be bi-racial just like President Obama. Here is what she wrote (with a few minor edits to redact some names for the sake of privacy):

I found myself recalling my first vivid memory of the world..............the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr...........I was so young it did not grasp why you were crying.

I never imagined my children would be brown but it was monumental to celebrate the growth of America as a whole this day............to tell my children to let this inspire them to pursue their dreams and desires and rejoice in knowing that our country has grown and has the ability to judge them by the content of their character.

I thought today of [their paternal grandmother].............how she threw down her hoe in the sharecroppers field at 12 and fled to Philadelphia in search of freedom.
I also thought of our ancestors who fought in the Confederate Army to preserve slavery.

Of [an african american boy] who though I tried to befriend him in the seventh grade point blank told me that I should not talk to him because it just wasn't right.

What a long journey it has been to arrive at this day.

Thank you for instilling in me the desire to seek and find truth.
1/17/09: 12

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( Jan. 12th, 2009 04:05 pm)
Almost forgot to post this, it's been such a busy day....

Put in another day on the trail this morning.

6.34 miles
0h 47m 21s
Avg. speed 8.0 mph

map and stats

It's actually frustrating me that I can't go farther, because of morning appointments. I was out on the trail by 6:30am this morning, when it was still pre-dawn. I can't start any earlier, it's just too dang dangerous to skate in the dark like that. Right now it is starting to get light around 6:45, so by the time I am past downtown Winter Garden and on the trail proper it is light enough to see ok. Starting any earlier, I would be just begging to fall into a sinkhole in the dark. Unfortunately, I also have an 8am chiropractic appointment three days a week, so I have to keep my skate to well under an hour in order to have enough time to get home, shower, and make it to my appointment. A few more weeks and the combination of my treatment being done plus getting lighter earlier will definitely help. I would like to be back to doing at least ten miles on an outing by February.
1/11/09: 9

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1/10/09: 9

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( Jan. 9th, 2009 09:50 am)
Went skating this morning, but the GPS was a little wonky for the first bit so the numbers aren't very accurate. I did just over six miles, and I am sure my real average speed was a little over 7 mph. I slept in later than I intended, and so didn't skate as far as I would have liked because I needed to get back home to work. Ah, well.
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( Jan. 7th, 2009 08:23 am)
7.29 miles
oh 52m 53s
Avg. speed 8.3mph

map and stats
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( Jan. 5th, 2009 09:07 am)
6.26 miles
0h 45m 50s
Avg. speed 8.2mph

map and stats
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( Jan. 2nd, 2009 09:10 am)
First day back on skates since the accident. Also first day making full use of the GPS on my iPhone, full stats below. I started slow, only did six miles at a very relaxed pace. I don't feel any great need to cripple myself.

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12/28/08: 15

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