Ben is fifteen years old, and has never had a friend. He has had classmates whom he could name, he had two girls in his class last year who doted on him, but he never reciprocated. So you can imagine my astonishment and joy when I discovered tonight at a school meeting that Ben actually has a best friend.

He recently started talking about "Anthony" constantly, but we had no idea who Anthony was. There was a parent's meeting at the school tonight, and I took the opportunity to ask Ben's teacher who Anthony was. She informed me that he is one of Ben's classmates, and that the two are very close. As a matter of fact, whenever Ben is reprimanded in class (he has been having some behavior issues in class lately), Anthony always stands up for Ben and comes to his defense.

I met Anthony's mother tonight, and when I told her I was Ben's dad she got very excited. Apparently Anthony keeps talking about Ben as well. She says that they have a class picture at their house, and Ben's face is worn off of it because Anthony keeps pointing to it and saying "Ben!". When I asked her if Anthony liked the Magic Kingdom, she said that he loves going there and that Winnie the Pooh is his favorite ride. I told her that Ben and I go almost every weekend, and she was very interested in meeting us there so that Anthony and Ben could hang out together and go on the rides.

I am just pleased beyond words. The thought that Ben has an actual friend, a peer with whom he actually engages in a real and social manner, is just astonishing. I am so happy for him!


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